Our selection of river boats.

Our Houseboats can accommodate from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 people.

We offer a range of high-quality boats, all recently or newly built, to guarantee you the best holiday experience.

Although each boat is different, they all offer an excellent standard of living. On board, you will always find a kitchen complete with appliances and crockery, several cabins with bedlinen and towels, bathrooms commensurate with the number of cabins, a dining room, a deck (we call it the Flybridge) for enjoying time outside while cruising and for al fresco dining in the evening.

Canal boat cruise

The most modern houseboats are also equipped with air conditioning, external cushions, and depth sounder, a fantastic, indispensable instrument for avoiding shallow water areas. All boats are equipped with a drinking water tank, which will be filled once during the holiday (we will tell you where and how), and a boiler to produce domestic hot water.

If you choose to sail in spring or autumn, remember that all our Houseboats have heating!

The boat is driven from on top, with a perfect view all around. A large awning protects you from the sun or rain. For safe driving, the boats have a lateral thrust propeller (two in some cases). All our boats are sturdy, safe, and reliable, constantly maintained and sanitized.

A small, invaluable tip is to always carry a usb adapter with a cigarette lighter socket on board, like the one you use in your car. That way, you can always recharge your cell phone and other devices on board.

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Electric boat
Exclusive to Italy

Minuetto 8 Electric

The first and only Houseboat with an electric motor. It’s our exclusive design, and we’re very proud of it. It’s also the newest boat in the fleet, having been launched in 2020.

8 people | 4 cabins
Only 2 available!

Minuetto 6

This yacht is perfect for a medium-sized family who wants enough space to spend a relaxing week on holiday.

6 people | 3 cabins

Minuetto 8

This model has been available since 2018, and is therefore very recent. It is a refined and much appreciated boat, with a captivating modern design.

8 people | 4 cabins


This is the best 2-cabin boat we offer, a recent boat and one that’s very popular with tourists. It is generally chosen by couples or small families of 3 or maximum 4 people.

4 people | 2 cabins

Houseboat Holidays Italia

An experience in close contact with water, along the slow flowing river, away from crowds and mass tourism.

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Houseboat Holidays Italia

Secluded beaches, sometimes unknown islets, historic villages, and culinary culture.