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Prices and Supplements

Prices and Supplements

Availability and prices

Cruise prices are calculated per boat and not per person, based on the boat model, cruise duration and travel season selected.

Houseboat holiday prices and duration

To calculate the exact price transparently, simply select an itinerary, the number of cabins (or people), the departure date, and the holiday duration. The displayed price also includes any current promotions. If you wish, you can option the cruise so you don't miss out.

Check-in days are generally Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The ideal holiday length is 7 nights. In low season or for last-minute bookings, you can also book mini-cruises of shorter duration (the minimum is always 3 nights).

The rental price of different models is based on a boat's age and its technological equipment.

  • Rental of the boat and its equipment
  • Kitchen, complete with all utensils and basic appliances
  • Towels and bedlinen for all passengers
  • Initial theoretical and practical briefing providing information on the sailing area and enabling crew to familiarize themselves with the boat
  • Nautical charts, river guides, on-board manual, and exclusive deals
  • Technical assistance during the holiday
  • Initial full tanks of water and gas
  • VAT, where applicable

  • Fuel: The boat is delivered with a full tank and upon return you will be asked for the balance based on your actual consumption calculated in actual sailing hours. The consumption cost can be estimated at approximately €45/day. Upon boarding you will pay a deposit for diesel.
  • Security deposit for damage, losses, negligence, or reckless behavior. The value is approximately €2500, to be paid to the base at check-in. The deposit amount is significantly reduced (80%) if you purchase CDW insurance - “Limitation of Liability for Damages”
  • Mooring fees outside the departure or arrival base
  • Transfer to and from the boarding base
  • Extra Services to enhance your holiday, which you will find listed below

The Extra Services are designed to dramatically expand the range of possible activities, provide entertainment for crews of all ages, and ensure you can fully enjoy your holiday and the attractions in the surrounding area.

All extras can be booked when confirming the cruise or at a later date in your Secure Area. Travel Insurance can ONLY be requested upon confirmation of the holiday. We recommend booking Extras well in advance.

Travel insurance
You can ONLY sign up at the time of booking, not afterwards. We strongly suggest purchasing this insurance, which covers both cruise cancellation and medical expenses at a very low cost.
Policy terms and conditions – download pdf

Limitation of Liability for Damages – CDW
Signing up for this insurance means the Damage Deposit you need to pay at check-in is significantly reduced - by up to 80%. It's a common-sense choice, which brings peace of mind to those driving, and one which is made by 95% of cruise passengers.

Priority times
Skip the queue and gain precious time to enjoy your holiday

  • Priority Boarding: allows you to bring forward check-in (normally scheduled for 3pm) to between 11am and 12pm, so you effectively gain an extra half-day of sailing.
  • Delayed return: allows you to return the boat at 12pm instead of 9am, so you don't have to spend your final night in the disembarkation port.

Start your cruise in the best possible way, fully reassured and worry-free.

  • Final cleaning fee: so you don't spend the last hours of your holiday cleaning the boat
  • Pet cleaning contribution: the owner is required to ensure any animal guests respect the boat's upholstery
  • Secure enclosed or covered parking for your cars
  • Transfer of your car to the disembarkation base: applicable only for One-Way cruises
  • One-off contribution for moorings in the Venetian Lagoon: applicable only for holidays departing from and returning to the Casale sul Sile base
  • One-Way supplement – only applicable to one-way cruises

Some extras are mandatory in relation to the chosen itinerary, others are recommended, but not compulsory.

Service Packages
We have selected and combined some products and services into exciting promotional packages to enhance your holiday. Each package is created based on our experience of thousands of cruises. Whether you are looking for Rest, Relaxation, Fun, or Adventure, choose the perfect package for your crew, travel light, and make the most of your time on board.

With all Service Packages you will receive a free supply of drinking water! That means you won't ever need to buy heavy, polluting plastic bottles.

Complete HHI Packages catalog – download pdf

Baskets of supplies
You can stop worrying about looking for a supermarket, filling the trunk of the car with food, struggling with heavy shopping bags, wondering how to store supplies in the heat before boarding, or wasting hours of precious holiday time in grocery stores. Especially if you're traveling by plane - but also if you're squeezing everything into a car - you'll find it highly convenient to have everything you want waiting for you on board on check-in day. Choose your favorite from our food baskets filled with pre-selected items to enjoy it with your travel companions. You can also combine multiple baskets if you want.

With all baskets you will receive a supply of drinking water! You will never have to buy polluting and very heavy plastic bottles again.

Complete HHI Food Basket catalog – download pdf

Most Requested Singles
Some extras have always been popular and in-demand. You can choose these at any stage of the booking process, even at the check-in desk.

  • Barbecue approved for marine use
  • Lightweight aluminum bicycles for all sizes
  • Outdoor seat cushions, perfect for prolonged sitting on the flybridge
  • Lantern compliant with regulations to light the terrace for al fresco-dining
  • SUP Paddleboard to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and silence, in places where the boat can't take you

HHI Travel Boxes
Our exclusive BOXES contain the best selection of items you need on holiday. Each box focuses on a key travel theme: entertaining young children, eliminating plastic use, lightening your suitcase... Depending on the interests of your crew, you may find one box more useful than the other, or want a combination.

We know what you'll need on a boat holiday, and we've put everything in our HHI BOXES.

You'll save a lot of time, money and effort, and you will find everything on board on check-in day. You'll travel lighter, with fewer suitcases, and you won't have to worry about anything other than your belongings.

Complete HHI Travel Boxes catalog – download pdf

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