Prices and Supplements

Prices and Supplements

Houseboat prices may vary based on various factors, such as the size of the boat, the week of the trip, and the type of yacht (modern or older).

Usually, the most modern boats are also more expensive, as they have more technological features and are more comfortable.

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For periods of less than a week the prices are calculated by our office. Normally, reservations are not made for less than 7 days in high season, or too far in advance.

All boats are similar in terms of basic equipment, including: hot water, fully-equipped kitchen, bed linen and towels.

The different models can differ greatly in terms of on-board comfort and technology. 1 or 2 lateral thrust propellers to simplify maneuvers, air conditioning, safety or riverbed monitoring systems, a power generator making the boat autonomous even outside ports: these are just some features that influence the rental price.

  • Renting of the boat and its equipment
  • Full kitchen with all basic utensils and appliances
  • Towel and linen for all passengers
  • Initial theoretical and practical briefing, to acquire information on the navigation region and familiarize yourself with the boat
  • A map of the navigation region
  • Technical assistance during the holiday
  • Initial full tank of water and gas (if present)
  • VAT (where applicable)

  • Fuel: The boat is delivered with a full tank and on return you will be asked for the balance calculated on the real consumption. The value of this consumption is estimated at around €35 per day
  • Security deposit for damage, loss, negligence, or inappropriate behavior. The value is around €2500, to be paid at the base upon check-in. The amount of the deposit is reduced to approx. €500 if you add the “Limitation of Liability for Damages” (CDW) option
  • Mooring fees outside the departure or arrival base
  • Transfer to and from the boarding base
  • Optional extras to improve the quality of your holiday, to be chosen from a long list

Many extras can be added to your booking to make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some mandatory costs are not included in the price of the boat but are still to be paid at the base upon boarding, such as fuel and the security deposit.

The optional extra services, on the other hand, are subject to availability, and it is therefore best to book them well in advance to ensure space, especially if your holiday takes place in high season.

Check the availability of our river yachts now and book your unforgettable vacation.

Travel Pack

  • Insurance Deductible Reduction
  • Final cleaning fee
  • 2 free bicycle
  • 1 car park
  • 2 gifts

The cost of this package varies according to the boat model and the length of the holiday.

Travel insurance
We strongly suggest that you take out a protective policy to guarantee your trip, at a very low cost.

Deductible reduction insurance
This reduces the security deposit to be paid at check-in by about 80%, and guarantees maximum peace of mind for customers during the holiday. Negligent or bad behavior is always to be avoided.

Final cleaning fee
To avoid spending the end your vacation scrambling cleaning the boat. Even if this service is not purchased, the company expects the boat to be returned in a proper state. We therefore ask that the garbage be removed and that all hygiene rules are respected.

Essential for walking or running errands in the surrounding area. Furthermore, many itineraries are flanked by cycle paths. They are available in different sizes, for adults or children and with a child seat.

Car parking
Book a fenced and secure parking space at a garage or at the boarding base. Make sure your car can be parked for as long as you are on vacation.

You can book a supply package that you’ll find directly on board, thereby avoiding the stress of supermarket shopping on the day you arrive. You can supplement the supplies in local stores day by day, buying small quantities from time to time.

Priority boarding / disembarkation
Priority at boarding
enables you to bring forward check-in (normally scheduled for 15.00) to between 11.00- 12.00. Priority disembarkation means you can return the boat at 12.00 instead of 9.00 in the morning.

One-way cruise
If you choose to leave the boat at a different base than the departure one, you will be asked to pay a supplement and the company staff can meet you there.

On-board comfort

  • Standing-up Paddleboard
  • Outdoor lantern according to legal requirements
  • Barbecue according to legal requirements
  • Cushions for outdoor seating

These services are limited, and if not booked in advance cannot be guaranteed.

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