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Grand 37

Suncamper 35

The smallest boat in our fleet, exclusively designed for couples

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The boat was built in 2024 and is the smallest in our fleet. Exclusively designed for couples, it offers a holiday experience that amounts to continuous pampering and maximum comfort and privacy.

3 people | 1 cabin
  • Shower
  • 1 bathroom
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Fridge
  • Wifi radio
  • Hot water
  • Air conditioning
  • 1 sundeck

Produced by the Northern European manufacturer Balt Yacht according to Houseboat Holidays Italia's instructions, this boat is a candidate to represent the romantic holiday dream of every couple who hasn't found the right boat for them yet.

You will enjoy a high-level holiday, with a completely new boat that has market competitors. If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime made for 2, this is our answer.

But for any couples with a young kid, the boat is equipped with a special bed just for him/her.


Length 10.60 mt
Width 3.00 mt
Construction height 2.90 mt
Displacement 4 t
Propulsion from 1 x 29.9 KW
Fuel Diesel
Transportable people 5
Max transportable load 525 Kg
Design category C
Pilot seats 2
Cabins 1
Cabin places 3
Bathrooms 1


The main cabin is in the bow and occupies the entire width of the boat. It contains a double bed comfortable for a couple. Next to the double bed is a second bed suitable for a little boy/girl. So, everyone gets their own exclusive space, without compromises or restrictions.

The beds are all at least 2 meters long, and are equipped with sheets, pillows, duvet and bath towels.

The boat has a private bathroom, with shower, electric toilet and sink.

You will be charmed by the quality of the materials, fabrics and interiors in general, and you will be completely satisfied with the quality of the time you spend on board.

The central living space houses the kitchen, as well as a large sofa. There are numerous spaces for storing food and personal effects. The galley is equipped with everything needed for life on board, including a refrigerator for 2 people (smaller than a normal home refrigerator). The kitchen is powered by a gas cylinder (supplied). The dinette sofa can also be converted into a double bed if needed.

Large panoramic windows surrounding the dinette create a light-filled space and guarantee an immersive living experience on board.

The boat has a beautiful and bright window, which leads to the stern cockpit, which also has large seats and a coffee table.

The flybridge can be accessed via a few steps directly from the stern terrace. It houses the driving position and sofas, so the pilot is never alone when driving. From the upper terrace you can sail with an unobstructed view of the breathtaking sights of the cruising region.

The flybridge is covered by an awning that provides sun and rain protection.

The driving position guarantees maximum visibility during navigation and manoeuvres. The bow and stern are always clearly visible and communicating with other crew members is straightforward.

This boat also offers a sundeck at the bow that can be used with beach towels.

The boat is equipped with 2 driving positions, one on the terrace, and one interior covered position for emergencies.

Propulsion is guaranteed by a diesel engine; the propeller transmission system is solid and reliable even when navigating in shallow water areas. While sailing, the engine recharges the batteries and produces domestic hot water which can then be used for showering or cooking.

While it's moored in ports, the boat can be connected to the electricity grid via a cable (supplied). You can connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi Radio so you can listen to your music inside the living space.

The yacht is equipped with side thruster propellers on the bow which can be activated by a button on the flybridge. This system is much appreciated and is of great help to the pilot when positioning the boat closer or further from the mooring dock.

To ensure maximum safety during navigation we have equipped the yacht with an echo sounder to check the river depth and a satellite remote monitoring system to guarantee maximum assistance and peace of mind to vacationing crews.

A powerful hot or cold air production system is present on board, similar to those used in homes. This is powered by the electrical connection in the port, so it can only be used if you are connected to the electricity network. The system delivers your choice of hot or cold air into the cabin and lounge.

We suggest turning off the system when you are not on board, or if it is not needed, since it cannot be left running constantly.

In the cooler season there's also an alternative, diesel-run heating system on board. This can be used without limits in and outside ports, just like with a campervan.

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