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Are you interested in distributing our houseboat holidays among your clients? We offer the best waterways boating holidays even in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, in the north east of Italy, along the Adriatic coast.

We offer the best boats, modern, large, well equipped, and appreciated by hundreds of customers from all over the world. 

After the form registration, we’ll contact you, and in due course we’ll put at your disposal a modern online booking system, where you could independently check availability, promotions, take an option, and book. You don’t need to download any software in your computer, as our platform is cloud based.

Prices are always updated, as much as special deals and planning availability.

Our cruises are generally on a weekly base, but occasionally it’d be possible to find short breaks, with duration not less than 4 nights.

If you own a commercial website, and your customers use it to book online, we can easily link your website to our software, and your customers will book straight from the website, under your agency paternity.

If you have an evolved e-commerce platform, we can offer you synchronize with modern and easy API all data.

If you want to chat or talk with our multilingual staff, they’ll be able to give you all information to share with your customers.

If you wish to distribute our houseboat cruises, fill the form, and we’ll contact you.


Houseboat Holidays Italia

Secluded beaches, sometimes unknown islets, historic villages, and culinary culture.

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