Buy a boat

Buy a boat

Invest in one of our new boats to receive many benefits, worry-free.

How much does it cost to buy a completely new, modern and functional 45' long river yacht to moor at the gates of Venice? Well, if you ask us, the answer is: very little!

Our Ownership and Management Program has been designed for those who want to buy a boat like this, but with a limited investment and without the restrictions of “ownership”, such as management, mooring, maintenance, insurance costs, and everything that buying a yacht involves.

Basically, by helping to finance a new boat, you can become a full owner, but leaving the management to the Charter company, which will make it work like all the other boats.

Whoever hires your boat will pay all the expenses, guaranteeing you a reimbursement fee. Also, in some cases, you could collect a percentage of the sales.

Below is an example of the Low Investment Ownership Program.


Boat purchase cost € 86.600 + 22% VAT
Guaranteed repayment of capital € 7.400 / year
Duration of the management program 7 years
Repayment of capital at the end of the program € 51.800
Final repurchase fee to be paid by us € 33.000
Total return at the end of the program € 84.800
Right of use acquired for each year 3 weeks
Average value of a week of use acquired € 3.500
Ability to resell non-usable weeks Yes

Although your boat will be rented by a third party, you will be able to use it for a few weeks every year at no additional cost (cleaning and fuel are still to be paid).

Obviously there are constraints, as the boat must be available for charter in order to generate income.

There are 2 further benefits to consider in a contract like this:

  • Tell us in time if you won’t be able use the boat in the week of your choice. We will try to resell your week on the market, guaranteeing you a financial return
  • The program has a duration of 7 years. At the end you will have no problem reselling the boat; the company is actually compelled to take over your share.

In conclusion, at the end of the contract, you will no longer be the owner of the boat, the company will have repaid your investment, and you will have used your boat at no cost for the duration of the program.

There are no hidden costs, you don't have to worry about a thing. You just have to enjoy the pleasure of taking your holidays in one of the most spectacular and exclusive locations in the world, the Venice lagoon.

If, however, you wish to acquire the boat entirely, financing it 100% and then remaining its owner forever, the company would very interested in placing the boat within the rental fleet, while still guaranteeing you a financial return resulting from the rental contracts.

When you want, you find your boat ready to sail, but when you are not using it, why leave it just sittings there?

Fill in the form and our manager will contact you as soon as possible!


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