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Buy a boat

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Become the exclusive owner of the most comfortable, luxurious and trendy boats, selecting the perfect set-up for the open sea or the river

Thanks to our collaboration with Balt Yacht, a reliable and renowned Baltic manufacturer of boats for the harsh Nordic climate, and our twenty years of direct experience in charter fleet management, Houseboat Holidays Italia is able to exclusively offer its new river-maritime yachts for sale.

Over 19,000 boats built make Balt Yacht the perfect reliable partner for our company.

Now you can purchase the latest Grand 37 and Sun Camper 35 models, customizing them with a wide range of options. You can truly personalize the boat down to the smallest details, based on your wishes.

With one of our new Grand 37 and Sun Camper 35 boats you can sail in maximum safety on the open sea; you can choose the version for driving with or without a boating license, becoming the exclusive owner of the most comfortable boat you've ever seen.

You will be able to enjoy Baltic tradition, robustness and manufacturing quality, guaranteed by an impeccable nationwide after-sales service and in-depth product knowledge.

But that's not all. Discover our Full Ownership program, via which you can also decide to let our charter company manage your yacht, so you earn from tourist rentals! It's a proven and popular system for leasing companies globally. You'll no longer have any worries and you can forget about ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, mooring fees, cleaning, insurance costs and all the other hassle related to boat ownership... while earning money...

Although your boat will be rented by third parties, you can use it for a few weeks each year. Obviously there are some constraints, since the boat must be available for rental to produce an income.

This table summarizes the parameters of a Full Ownership contract for the SunCamper 35 model.


Purchase cost of the boat € 122.000 + VAT
Total return on investment in 7 years € 142.000
Program duration 7 years
Total right to use the boat 21 weeks
Countervalue of the weeks used € 58.200
Possibility to resell unusable weeks Yes


At the end of the program, you will have recovered much of your initial investment, and the boat will remain yours forever, without any obligation to the charter company.

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